Baby Shower Game Gifts

I'm not much of a baby-shower game kinda girl. So for my cousin Grace's shower we put together a few activities that didn't include sniffing chocolate bars out of diapers. :S

We guessed how big around her belly was, how many Reeses candies were in a baby bottle, guessed the flavor of baby food and tested who could tie their shoes their fastest (with balloons under their shirts).

We also did a diaper raffle - where everyone brings a bag of diapers for the new parents and are entered into a raffle for a great prize (i.e. a bottle of wine in this case).

For the other games I put together little spa/pedicure kits for the winners. Everything was bought at the dollar store and turned out great!

A glass container, cotton balls, clear nail polish and a pedicure set....ta-da!! They were a hit!


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