Louisiana Vacation Day 2 & 3

Continuation of the tales from Louisiana

Day 2 was lovely. We had breakfast at T'Freres (although it was reheated because they hadn't checked the messages to hear we would be late) and checked into the Holiday Inn. We spent the morning touring cemeteries and the afternoon rekindling old (and new) friendships while touring the region. Drove around Lafayette (both on our own in the morning and then later with friends).

While at one of the cemeteries I was standing taking a picture of a mausoleum and felt something on my leg. I brushed it away and didn’t think about it. Then I’m taking another picture and felt another bite. I looked down and my legs were SWARMING with fire ants!!!!!

Had a delicious dinner at Prejean's before snuggling into bed. Tomorrow we're heading to NOLA.

Day 3 we headed to the Acadian Village, which was darling and I couldn't wait to share pictures, for history culture and photo opportunities.

Then onto the southern route along sugar cane fields and bayou swamps. 

I saw my first alligator roadkill on the way to St Joseph's Sugar Plantation - family own and operated since 1870. As the tour came to a close the thunder & lightening started and the heavens opened up and we discovered that why yes that was a tornado warning in New Orleans. 

At some points there was zero visibility!! We got to the hotel safe, walked around the corner for a quick nosh at Chophouse Restaurant. However, we didn't beat the storm and scrambled back to the hotel like drowned rats. Tuesday was supposed to be 76 and sunny. Fingers crossed.


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