Saturday, December 27, 2014

Checking In

First and foremost, HAPPY HOLIDAYS. 

Second. I realize I haven't posted much (really nothing at all this month) and I hope everyone can understand when I say I've just been busy. The holidays always seem to busy but I feel both busy and a little lost lately. 

In the last two months - aside from Thanksgiving and Christmas of course - I've hosted two baby showers, tried to start dating someone new, big events at work, trying to prepare for additional large events coming in the next few months, (re)learning how to live with three people in a tiny apartment, trying to not let others negativity and problems weigh my own life down and really just so much more. 

Anyway. This is just me saying I haven't disappeared. I'm looking to find inspiration somewhere-somehow (for life mostly) and hopefully that will trickle over into the blog as well. 

For now Happy Holidays and I hope everyone has a wiz-bang end of 2014!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Triple Chocolate Pudding Cookies.

I have to say when the weather changes to sweater-scarf-boot season the thing I get the most excited about isn't the holiday sales, snow days or the changing leaves (although those are a top runner up). No I get most excited for BAKING SEASON!! 

I don't even have to keep the goodies, and often take them to work or send them with my mother to her work. There's just something about pulling out my mixing bowl, apron and ingredients and getting down and dirty (i.e., covered in flour) that just get's me in the holiday mood. 

Recently I found this recipe on Pinterest and did some modifications - going from a double chocolate to a TRIPLE chocolate cookies. Yum yum.

Recipe. Click to enlarge.