Back & Berries

I knew it had been a while since I blogged... I'm not really sure if I felt like it had "only" been six months or if these last six months felt like a lifetime. The holidays always get a bit chaotic, followed by birthdays, researching homes for a move, and then busy season at work. Somehow what I thought was going to be a hiatus through Christmas and New Years turned into six months of no real creative outlet. 

Okay, maybe not "no" creative outlets. I've done a number of paintings, traveled a little, took some photos and have developed some very delicious recipes.

One of the most recent discoveries is Strawberry Mint Sorbet! So perfect for these warm (early summer) days we've had in the PNW. It's the perfect time for something cool and refreshing after a long day. This recipe is simple, four ingredients and satisfies a sweet tooth without being too heavy.


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