Going on Safari

My sister Rose turned 24 this year. I'm not sure where the time has gone. I remember being 8 and my parents waking me to say they were headed to the hospital but my uncle was there to watch me. How we are suddenly twenty-four years later I'm not sure.

24 may not be a "big number" but we still wanted to do something special for our special girl. Was it a trip to the coast? Seeing Cirque du Solei? I eventually had a great idea!

We spent the weekend in Southern Oregon at the Wildlife Safari!! A drive-through animal encounter park, with animals wondering through the fields and (in some cases) blocking the roads.

The weekend we went just happened to be when they were celebrating National Endangered Species weekend - so all of the "extra adventures" you could purchase were only $10/each. We went to the Tiger Excursion, Hippo Encounter and feeding giraffes.

The true highlight of the weekend was a private excursion....ELLEBUBBLES...as in:


You heard me right. We got to give an elephant a bubble bath!! 

(Please know that the elephants have a large paddock but they have her behind bars for the bath for both her safety and ours). 

It was a beautiful experience - bathing her, feeding her, stroking her trunk. A once in a lifetime memory. I'm so glad we took my 6  year old niece (Graces' daughter) to go with us for an "Aunties Weekend". Hopefully it's something we all remember the rest of our lives.


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