Thursday, July 2, 2015

Beach Vacation

It's just days away from Fourth of July and while some people are thinking of fireworks, camping, throwing some steaks on the grill.  For me it's a reminder that I can soon start planning a vacation!! Hooray!

This past Sunday we graduated 180 students - twice as large as last year and our largest class ever! In a few days we'll be welcoming forty new students (and then another 160 in September).

After weeks and weeks of planning, working long hours and being a tightly wound Type A... my boss has asked when I'm going on vacation. Hmmm. Where to go?

This past Memorial Day weekend my sister K and I headed to the Oregon Coast for a quick overnight at the funky beach B&B, with bottomless Mimosas and a few rounds of BINGO!

I may just need to head back to the Oregon Coast soon for a week(end) of no responsibilities, bottomless mimosas and falling asleep to the sound of the ocean.

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