Beach Vacation

It's just days away from Fourth of July and while some people are thinking of fireworks, camping, throwing some steaks on the grill.  For me it's a reminder that I can soon start planning a vacation!! Hooray!

This past Sunday we graduated 180 students - twice as large as last year and our largest class ever! In a few days we'll be welcoming forty new students (and then another 160 in September).

After weeks and weeks of planning, working long hours and being a tightly wound Type A... my boss has asked when I'm going on vacation. Hmmm. Where to go?

This past Memorial Day weekend my sister K and I headed to the Oregon Coast for a quick overnight at the funky beach B&B, with bottomless Mimosas and a few rounds of BINGO!

I may just need to head back to the Oregon Coast soon for a week(end) of no responsibilities, bottomless mimosas and falling asleep to the sound of the ocean.


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