Sunflower Seed & Chocolate Chip Energy Bites

I've seen these "protein energy bites" on a number of other blogs and on Pinterest. I've thought they sounded like a great idea - something easy to take to work for a mid-day snack, feed the nieces when they are looking for a nibble and even as a dessert.

Not to mention that it's a great activity for the kids to help you with too. My niece Ivy helped me with the latest batch. She loved pouring, mixing and especially rolling the balls in her hands.

There are a number of varieties out there and you can make them your own - almond butter instead of peanut butter, cocoa instead of chocolate chips, agave instead of honey. The options are endless.

My favorite that I've made so far is the Sunflower Seed Butter and Mini Chocolate Chip variety:


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