Green House

It's amazing how time really does fly. It doesn't feel like we've been in this new house that long but we just received our lease renewal in the mail this week! I do love this house and am glad that we're staying for another year.

Ha! Maybe I'll finally start to unpack my bedroom! Don't get me wrong we've done quite a lot around the house and that's what this post is about....GARDENING!

When we moved in there was already a number of plants in the front and back - which for me was a big draw to the house. The front yard has a number of apple, Japanese pear and Empress plum trees. There are a number of succulents, tulips, Hummingbird bushes (seen above) and recently I found out there is rhubarb growing out back!

One of my mother's good friends has a background in horticulture and has helped with a number of plantings and helping identify various blooms. But there was/is still so much we can do! So with spring here I've been buying starters, bulbs and blooms galore!

We've started talking about turning over the soil in the raised beds and planting some more vegetables - other than the rhubarb we also have herbs (mint, lavender, chives, garlic) and (we think) blackberries. I'm a little nervous about the vegetables but do really well with plants and flowers.  I have so many visions for other areas in the backyard - lights on the deck, fire pits, a hammock maybe.

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