BurlyCon 2016

I can't believe it's already been two months since I attended my first BurlyCon!

"BurlyCon is an annual community-oriented professional growth and educational organization for burlesque performers, producers, fans, and aficionados. Our aim is to further the current development and historical knowledge of this unique American art form, especially in light of burlesque’s resurgence worldwide. BurlyCon is committed to providing an affordable opportunity for performers of all levels to learn, grow, and develop their skills."

I had heard about BurlyCon for years, from following a number of burlesque queens on social media and my various pinup photo shoots, but 2016 was my first time attending. As an introvert it was challenging (but sorta the point) to break out of my shell. Overall though? The experience was brilliant.

From classes on hair and makeup tips (think how to make it stay with gallons of sweat), history of Burlesque in the 1990s, group chats on balancing stage life with your "Muggle life" (a term used many times, and it made me giggle every time) and book signing sessions.

There were so many types of people at BurlyCon - genders on the spectrum, ages spanning time, beginners to founders. It did make for some interesting conversations. In the "Burlesque in the 1990s class" there was a man (not sure who he was or his intention for attending) but he was looking to put strippers and burlesque dancers into boxes. "I'm not a prude" was been repeated a few (too many) times. Oh boy did it make for some feisty dancers!

I'm still  not sure if I'll return or find the place within me to get on stage and shake my tatas. But BurlyCon will forever be a memory I hold dear.


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