Seasonal Gifts

My family actual celebrates two holidays during the winter season. We were raised with celebrating Christmas (Santa and my Episcopal Grandmother) and Yule (as we were raised by a Wiccan Mother) and have continued to celebrate both as we got older.

Generally we get together on (or close to) Yule, as a large family, eat amazing food, read stories of the solstice and exchange presents. Christmas is reserved for stockings, Christmas PJs and Santa presents with the little ones. We have had years where the gifts (from everyone) have been handmade only, other years we do secret-Santa exchanges, but always stressing it's not about "things" but rather being together and sharing love.

This  year my family knew me way too well - Harry Potter, kitchen gadgets....

...socks that swear and a childhood favorite book.

Okay so the couch was a present to myself (and the house). The day after Christmas we went to the local thrift store to drop off a number of donations and went inside to browse (everything was 30-75% off how could I not) and I ended up coming out with this gorgeous Ethan Allen turquoise blue couch. LOVE IT!

How was your holiday season? Did you treat yourself to anything special? What was your favorite gift?


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