Snow Day (Part II)

Holy smokes Portland!! Enough with the snow days already! Haha.

Mostly because
1) I don't want to shovel anymore snow
2) I'd like to walk down the road and not worry about falling
3) I haven't had a full 5-day work week since just after Thanksgiving

I work for a college and we've now had 7.5 "closed for inclement weather" days in the last month. This past weekend we had an ice storm come through closing campus on Monday. The Tuesday night over 7 inches of snow fell and the whole city has been close since. The mayor has declared a state of emergency as Portland borrows snow plows from Seattle.

It has been beautiful. Sitting in the family room looking out the back windows, watching the snow fall, listening to the stillness. We've all gone out and played in the snow, my sister and her BF made an adorable snow fairy.

It is lovely to play in now and then....but I'm done. I'm ready for weather I'm accustomed too, that I can function in with out having anxiety attacks (I fall every winter but haven't yet....trying to keep this luck).


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