Snow Days

I was born and raised in Southern California where winters just meant rain. When I lived in San Diego, winters included throwing on a hoodie but still wearing sandals. So when I moved to the PNW snow wasn't necessarily something I had too much experience with - minus a few small snow days and day trips to the mountains.

My first winter here there were a few days of 19 degree weather and I, jokingly, asked my family if they had brought me here to die. Haha. As the years go by, this is my seventh winter, I'm still not completely accustomed to the cold. Despite layers upon layers - socks, pants, sweaters, jackets, earmuffs - I still much prefer to be inside on snow days.

This winter the snow days are more than ever before. In the last month we've had three "storms" and my school has closed five/six days. Luckily today is Saturday and the snow isn't as heavy.

Still a perfect day for snuggling on the couch, watching NCIS and recovering from this head cold.


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