Round Two with Bettina May

Years and years ago....okay not really that many ago....

For my 30th birthday I created a "30 During 30" list of accomplishments. A bucket list of sorts - without needing to kick the bucket that is. One of those items was to take a class for fun. I hadn't (still haven't) been in school for years, and I wasn't necessarily looking for a textbook and grades sorta class.

So as a mark off my list I signed up for Bettina May's Bombshell Basics course. Learning how to apply makeup in different era pin up styles (yes there is a difference between 50s pinups versus 40s pin up etc), hair curled and styled, posing lessons and an amazing photo shoot. (Read more about the experience here).

I've followed Bettina since, she was a true inspiration in embracing the style and making it my own.

So when I heard she was coming back into town I jumped at the opportunity to attend another of her classes. Yes, it would be similar/the same as the one three (plus) years ago, but I'm a believer in always getting better (curling my hair still doesn't go as planned).

The session was small, me and two other ladies, which makes it more personal and intimate. Bettina had the same assistant as before (adorable gal named Lily) and the session was held at a local yoga studio. They set up a beautiful backdrop and scene for us (I wanted to mop everything there).

Bettina makes you feel so comfortable, will help guide you in posing and facial expressions. In the end you walk away with not only a memorable experience but also a link to your raw footage. I was glad the first time I attended Bettina's class but the second time made it even better.


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