Trip to the Bay: Food, Hikes, Wine

I realized I haven't posted since the end of February but so much has happened since then. In the last four-five months I've started a new relationship, made (easily) 120 delicious dinners, dived into a number of DIY beauty treatments and (oh yea) turned 34!

My thirties have been a pretty amazing decade and turning 34 hasn't been any different. This year I spent my birthday down in the Bay Area (San Francisco and Oakland) celebrating with one of my longest BFFs.

Bottom left is a new movie theatre built in the PDX airport - plays short films by local film makers

We had a whirlwind of adventures...and when you get Luke and I together you know there is going to be copious amounts of good food (he even went of the Whole 30 just for me).

Only the beginning of the delicious food we ate

We also then headed to Muir Woods so I could hug a Redwood (yes that was a goal for my birthday). Somehow, despite living in California for ~28 years I had never hiked Muir. It was stunning! Cold misty morning, cool enough for a jacket but dry enough to hike around for an hour or so.

I'm a tree hugger
After Muir Woods we headed over to Sonoma for an afternoon of wine tasting. Sonoma wine is just as wonderful as Napa but not nearly as "touristy". We had the Bartholomew Park Winery tasting room to ourselves and had a lovely conversation with the vineyards owner before heading to Gundlach Bundschu (the oldest single family owned vineyard in California). I bought a beautiful bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from Bartholomew and have tucked it away for a special occasion (perhaps my next birthday).

All but the bottom right is Bartholomew Vineyard - Cave is Gundlach
After a number of glasses of wine (thank you to a heavy handed pour) we grabbed ice cream and took a stroll through Old Town Sonoma.

I really couldn't have asked for a better birthday....but it did get better! Later in February my sister K took me to the 20th Anniversary performance of Rent, we had a tea party with family (celebrating all the winter babies) and the weekend after I returned I had my first date with my (now) new sweetheart.

Thirty four is shaping up to be a good year.


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