Tulips for Days

I am a lucky girl. My darling has brought me flowers twice in the last month and not just any flowers...my favorite, tulips!

While they delight me, the saddest part of tulips is they can be so weighted and droop even when fresh and fully alive.

I've had a few folks give me tricks and tips - pruning the leaves so they're not in the water, clipping them down so they stand in the vase, extra food, etc.

So when my love surprised me with these lovely pink ladies I started scouring the web for the best floral arrangement tips and tricks for celebrating and showcasing the bouquet. Of course I found some of the same recommendations as before but then I came across one that sounded so ingenious I had to give it a try...and no, it wasn't by adding vodka.

The trick is using tape to create a grid across the top of your vase and then placing your flowers withing the openings - keeping otherwise droopy flowers upright and at the perfect angle.

I used left over clear (invisible) tape from the Dollar Tree and placed six strips across the top of my vase, ultimately giving me nine spaces to place the buds (one got two because I had ten flowers).

(To follow the image above, place tape on the very outside of the vase, and two more strips centered; then place two strips perpendicular to the first four. Trim leaves and place stocks into "circled" openings).

I will tell you, I've never considered myself too knowledgeable when it comes to floral arrangements; normally I'll trip the tips (best to always give bouquets a fresh cut), remove excess leaves and do my best. This grid trick though...it is one I'll be keeping around for a while.


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