Oreo Cream Cupcakes

This past Ground Hog's day was my 35th birthday. As with the last few birthdays the number was no big deal, however, it was lovely with birthday dinners, and spending time with friends and family.

Part of our family tradition is the birthday "kid" getting to pick the birthday treat. This year I went with an Oreo Cream (cup)Cake. An Oreo (thin) cookie bottom, dark chocolate pudding cake* and a cookies and cream frosting.

*see bottom for a trick on making the best cake mix possible.

*Note: Sometimes a cakemix is just the easiest way to go; but doesn't mean you have to follow the box directions. Want that cake to be elevated and taste like the moistest (sorry for that word) cake ever? Replace water with milk, oil with melted butter and add an extra egg to what is required (if it says three, add four). Will make for a rich and decadent! The family both said they could hardly eat one but then could also gobble two in a sitting! Promise, no regrets...well maybe just a tummy ache. 


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