Months of Hiatus

I'll be honest. I'm not even sure if anyone reads these anymore; especially with months having been dormant. But I figured this isn't just for others, this is for me too. A place to share, a place to explore and a place to just be me.

I go through phases with the blog, but every year when it comes time to either let go of the domain or repurchase it...I just can't let go.

Part of the hiatuses...haitusi...hmmm....whatever. Part of these breaks have been lack of inspiration or lack of knowing where I want to take the blog. Others (like these last four months) have been because life has just gotten in the way.

Shocking I know! Right? LIFE GETTING IN THE WAY? Whatever. Pa-sha! If I can't push through and just post post post...then what kind of blogger am I? Well, I'm the kind that has a life.

In the last four months I've lost my sweet old momma kitty (my little furry angel), marked adventures off my bucket list, bought more Jamberry than I can wear in a year, and oh yea...GOT ENGAGED!

So the blog may be taking some slight design changes. I'm going to use it as a creative board, a showcase, brainstorming and a place to just spill what's going on in this newest adventures of life. If you're along for the ride be prepared for delicious recipes, travel photos and the rantings of a woman planning a life! 


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