Recipe: Sticky Buns

It's been 90+ degrees for going on three weeks (or more) and I am soooo ready for it to be over. I'm ready for sweaters and scarves and being able to bake!!

Store bought sticky buns (cinnamon rolls, or whatever name you call them by) are fine but there's nothing better than gooey stickey-finger-ness of homemade. I've only tried this recipe once before but I plan on sticking (heehee) with it.

Note:  I used pecans because I'm not a fan of walnuts.
And I popped the whole pan in the oven to melt and caramelize everything. 

 Note: The dough I used was the Pillsbury Hot Bun Mix - to make dough follow directions

Note: I started preheating my oven during the 2nd rise; recipe I followed said bake for 25 minutes, but I baked mine for closer to 40 to ensure the dough is completely baked through. 


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